A Little Girl’s Dream

As a little girl, I had grand dreams of my future. I hoped for success in life and love with the outcome of pure happiness. I spent years trying to overcome the turmoil of my past and make it into this blissful existence I was sure to be the reward for all this stress. I had always thought if I was a good person (kind, generous and loving) that the life I dreamed of would be inevitable. Boy was I wrong!
The biggest lesson in life that I’ve learned is that the fairy tales of a little girl are just those… fairy tales. There is no “night and shining armor” and good does not always prevail. In fact, good usually ends up the one shafted by the strong will of evil. For someone as strong-minded as myself this was a hard reality to swallow. Finding out that I needed to comprise the dreams I’ve held for so many years and simply disregard the rest of them was madding!
There may not be the house, the husband or the kids I’d always hoped for. Instead I needed to appreciate the life I had, whether it was the one I hoped for or not! Life doesn’t always turn out the way you want it to, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it. This isn’t a childhood story or uplifting movie…it’s just life and whether or not it is the one I wanted, it’s the one I have.
So, I could spend every waking moment sulking about the things I’m missing or I can search for the blessings right in front of me. There will never be an unselfish man or an uncomplicated love affair. Life just doesn’t work that way.