The pages of my life seem to turn faster these days.

Each word spills off my tongue in sweet anticipation of the next.

There is a flow to my story that was ever so absent before. 

Strength resides in patience, where fear was once so prevalent. 

Fate is now my beacon; a light to guide my way…

To destiny.

Different Breed

My whole life I have considered myself a different breed. 

A different breed of human

A different breed of women

A different breed of everything all together 

I stand alone because I can

I stand alone because it’s safe

I stand alone even when I’m fighting with the loneliness 

I love with all my heart

I feel with all my being

I am who I am 

A different breed. 

No Regrets

I may not be perfect, but perfection is not what I am searching for.

I may not be the person you built me up to be in your mind, but that’s on you for giving me more credit than I deserve.

At least I was true. Were you?

Where do we go from here?

What do we do with this?

This choice is not mine, but yours.

I reside with no expectations

No assumptions

And no regrets.

Pleasant Pain

Blinded by your words 

Oh how I wish to hold on to the moment

That time you held me so tightly

And filled me so completely 

I was yours and you were mine

Bonded together in time

Those sweet brown eyes looking directly into my soul

As I beg for your passion and give in to your love

It’s lonely here without you

For I’m craving you so deeply now

The pleasant pain of a romance left behind

I miss you