This poem really touched my heart. I hope it touches yours!



This year I come out of the closet

And admit that I am HFA

High Functioning Autistic

No such diagnosis when young

I only have meltdowns once a year

But everyone deserves a meltdown

My mother, back in those days,

Knew how to deal with noisy children:

Pull the hair, pinch the cheeks

Until we stopped

Thought I was an alien

At school, and later work

If I was a wolf

In a tight pack

Would have been driven out

Then, a few years ago,

My Gen Prac doctor casually said,

“Oh, you didn’t know you’re HFA?”

Tested and yes, I am

So I’ve decided to

Embrace my inner clown

Not a Seinfeld-funny one

Just odd

Just master (mistress?)

Of the inappropriate


Somewhat unsure

If people are joking or serious

A bit stiff if a stranger hugs me

Overwhelmed by flashing lights

And large crowds

Although I learned to…

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