Growing Apart

It has been said

Actions speak louder than words

Their mounting disrespect

And overwhelming dissapointment

In a person I thought I knew

As neglect builds within the forgranted

A wedge begins to grow

What was once the strongest of bonds

Has begun to fall away

There is no mutual benefit

In a friendship of convenience

When one truly cares

The time is made


And so it would seem

Our time together is coming to an end

For I am not one to tolerate

This constant disregard

I am worth much more than this

I hope someday you can find a way to understand


I am not weary and I am not weak

I am simply out of place

Just a shadow on the wall of someone else’s life

It’s time that I move foward

It’s time to let me go





I’ve wondered through the distance

To only find the sun

Embarking on this journey

In which

I’ve yet to know my destination

Closefisted and meek

Independent, yet foolish at times

I’m growing in a world of nowhere

A rugid uphill climb to something

That I am still so unaware of

I’m looking, yet I see nothing

I find coldness in romance

Yet warmth within the sun

Humanity, within society

And pain within a young boys eyes

Sadness, by lack of self worth

And selfishness abroud

I see God outstanding evil

And evil breaking ground

I see earth in all it’s glory

Dead End Love

Once upon a time there was girl.

And one day, she met this boy.

Her eyes sparkled when he looked her way

And the cranks in his mind began to turn.

He knew he didn’t love her and he doubted he ever would.

But something about her intrigued him

She was loyal, laid back and fun

And best of all she worshiped the ground he walked on.

She’d do anything for him and he loved that

Even if he didn’t love her.

Dangling hope

He strung her along for years.

Until one day when fate decided to intervene

She found strength

She found her voice

And she told him all that she needed to say.

Her confessions were not met with kindness

Or simply declined.

Instead, he played on her weaknesses

And used them to foolishly crush her heart.

All she did was love him

And he just threw her away.

Unjustified and regretful.

In that moment, she vowed to never love again.

Never to make herself vulnerable to the dishonorable intentions of another.

After traveling the same road for years, she was met with not a fork, but a dead end.

There was a lot of back tracking to be done

For she had strayed, so far from herself.

At the time, she thought she would never recover

But just one year later and he is all but a memory

She no longer feels as though he is missing from her life

In fact, he barely crosses her mind.

The person she was with him is a person of the past.

The person she is now is so much stronger

The person she is now would never be happy with him

She is no longer blinded by emotion or the need for love.

She loves herself much more than before.

Thankful for his indiscretions and all of his lies

For the thought of a life with him now

Is that of a horrid affair.

He does not deserve her and the truth is he never did.

She has since tasted love and was once again met with it’s rejection, but she has never lost herself or given up hope that someday she will find love in its truest form.

For this experience has taught her that a dead end can sometimes force you in right the direction.

What is meant to be will always find a way 🙂