Pain Rooted

You know how they say your best of friends can become your worst enemies?

I would have to agree

Not because of what they can do to you  given the vast amount of information you have shared with them over the years

But rather because their smallest action can have such a detrimental effect

Much more of an effect than that of the actions of a stranger

When you know someone for so long, you begin to expect a certain amount of respect from them

And their blatant disregard for your feelings can cut much more than that of a “sometimes” friend

The lesson in all of this is not to take others for granted, especially those you hold the closest to your heart.

For someday, they will no longer be around and you may never have a chance to tell them just how much they mean to you.

Live each day like it’s your last

Love with all of your heart

And most of all, treasure those special people in your life

~ Insane Roots





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