When Will I Be Free

Tears roll down my face

As the little voice in my head begins to banter with positivity

An enemy from long ago has reared its ugly head once again

When will it go away

When will I be free

Self doubt and ridicule

Pick apart my self esteem

As I struggle with my weight

A battle I keep fighting

But never seem to win

I know freedom lies in accepting where I am

Who I am

And all I’ve yet to be

Yet on days like these 

I find it hard to keep the fire going

As this old familiar pain

Pours heavily on my heart

I long for the day 

When I am no longer my worst enemy


Where Did You Go?

Close your eyes now

Just for a moment

Breath in

Breath out

Now open

Where did you go?

Who, what, when…just crossed your mind?

Was it something you’ve always wanted, something you could never live with out, or perhaps…something you almost had?

Someone you care for, someone you long for, someone you miss?

Was it a time of the past, the present, the future?

In that split moment of being

Where did your mind go?

More importantly

Did you want to come back?