If you knew the pain I was feeling, would it matter

If you knew that love was fading, would you pick up the phone

I trusted you and those words that slipped off your tongue

And you…you tossed me aside

It could have been different, you and I

But you…you wouldn’t even try

It could have been easy, amazing and even forever

But I guess we’ll never know

For I love myself much more than you

And I refuse to live in a constant state of disappointment

I am worthy of more, much more than this

Maybe you were right

Maybe I do deserve better

I can not change the way I feel

For I fear that I will always love you

Yet in this moment, I know

The only path is moving forward

Beyond this

Beyond you

And some day, I hope

I can look at you without this pain in the pit of my stomach

Absent of desire

And free

Free from your love and the memories of you


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Moonlight Dreams

Blue is the haze that sets upon this night

Alone with my thoughts within the deepness of the dark

What was once a place I held secret

Hidden behind stonewalls and barbed wire

Is now the heart of the wounded

Tattered, torn and bruised

Mend it will 

But for now

Under the glow of the moon

All one wishes to do

Is fade into the dream of a better tomorrow 

One without disappointment


And unspoken words

A shred of hope buried under the ruble of a broken heart

Just enough to sooth

In the lonely midnight hour

A moonlight dream 

Of what could have been

And the denial 

That it will never be


One by one these days go by

Drawing us further and further

From the fire.

What was once so shiny and new

Is beginning to lose its luster.

Something so easy

Turned struggle  

By the mere mention of hope.

For happiness 

Must be for the delusional

And love is surely a scam.

Excuses for the weak 

The frightened 

And some day 

The justification 

For the lonely. 
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All Things Considered

All things considered, I’m doing quite well

For I am no stranger to heartbreak


Or failure.

When you have been let down by so many 

So many times

You become quite the expert at moving forward. 

Drudging through the mud and the muck of empty promises

And the realization that you have once again been played the fool.

For in the end, if your actions were rooted in love

There is no reason to feel ashamed.

You simply took a chance

A chance that anyone would have taken.

The prospect of something so frighteningly real it takes your breath away.

And when you find you were wrong

It is so unbelievably painful

That for a moment it may seem like you will never rise again.

But you will.

And some day you will look back on this moment and be thankful

For the scars on our hearts 

May be just the reminder we need

To keep us from making the same mistakes

In the end there is only you

So dust yourself off

Learn from the past 

And create one hell of a future!
Photo credit to The Power of Positivity