If you knew the pain I was feeling, would it matter

If you knew that love was fading, would you pick up the phone

I trusted you and those words that slipped off your tongue

And you…you tossed me aside

It could have been different, you and I

But you…you wouldn’t even try

It could have been easy, amazing and even forever

But I guess we’ll never know

For I love myself much more than you

And I refuse to live in a constant state of disappointment

I am worthy of more, much more than this

Maybe you were right

Maybe I do deserve better

I can not change the way I feel

For I fear that I will always love you

Yet in this moment, I know

The only path is moving forward

Beyond this

Beyond you

And some day, I hope

I can look at you without this pain in the pit of my stomach

Absent of desire

And free

Free from your love and the memories of you


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