I pretend

I miss you

Even though I shouldn’t

I love you

And I fear I always  will

I am broken

Although I may seem strong

Each day a struggle 

In my mind as  I pretend

I don’t miss you

I don’t love you

And everything’s okay

Life After Love

It is such a beautiful moment

When the clouds begin to clear

And the sun shines brightly down the path to tomorrow

Just think

A week ago, you were wallowing in disappointment 
Cripled by another broken heart

A pain so deep 

You thought you’d never recover

But much to your surprise

You did

Your life is not over

One’s ego just a little bruised

For the love for yourself is much greater now than ever before

There is no need to feel foolish

For we all put too much faith in others sometimes

You simply loved with your soul

And that is nothing to be ashamed of

It is childish for one to play games with another’s heart

And in the end they are the fool

For the broken hearted grow stronger

While they remain the same