Inside Myself

It’s cold here, alone with my thoughts.

Drowning in doubt, from my mind’s fearful inquest.

Lonesome & drifting, as happiness fades to anguish.

I remember this feeling…

This longing, this worry

This terror that it will all go away.

I am trying to be brave, courageous

In the face of this affection.

I can feel myself shutting down, pulling back.

An all too familiar defense.

In the prevention of yet another broken heart.

The scars of the past have only just healed

Still dripping with the blood of a loved lost.

The pain is gone, but the memory of it remains.

And the knowledge that what I am facing, is so much greater than any devotion of the past.

Surely the loss of which could be something from which I may never recover.

For it is something, I have never wanted more.

Rugged, raw and pure.

To be seen for all that I am and admired still.



It’s beautiful,

the way he brought back her colors

pulled the laughter from her soul

blowing the dust from a wounded heart.

It’s a relief,

this natural flow

no need for expectation

empty promises

or labels to show the world.

It’s rare,

this freedom

from needing there to be something


to call home.

It’s breathtaking,

that sparkle in her eyes

absent of fear

vacant of worry.

It’s delicious,

the pleasant unfolding of it all

the prospect of happiness

in an otherwise dreary world.

It’s peaceful,

the need for nothing more

content in the knowing

that she is not alone.