Ms. Misunderstood

Lonely was the language of my heart.

So please forgive me when I don’t know what to say

How to act

Or how to play

With you.

I’m not used to being cared for


Or even wanted for that matter.

These feelings of affection & kindness

Frighten me

For I treasure them all too much

Craving them in the dark

Longing for them in the day.

I never thought I wanted this

But now…

I can’t think of anything

I’ve ever wanted more

Than you.

Just Sometimes 

A part of me wishes I wasn’t here

On this earth 

Surrounded by all these humans


This tragic little mess of me

A part of me wants to run away

To leave this world

And not to face another day

I am exhausted

Tired of wearing this mask 

Hiding the broken pieces of my soul

Pretending that I am not falling apart

Assuring everyone else that everything is okay

When sometimes…

It’s not okay

I’m not okay

There are moments 

When all I feel is hollow

Empty inside 



And dismembered 

There are times 

When all I want is to be held

To be told that I matter 

Assured that I am worthy

Even if it’s just for a moment

I want to feel as though I won’t always have to walk alone 

But that would mean removing this disguise

Revealing to the world

That I am among the strange

That I don’t belong here 

And so…

Once again 

I muster up the energy to continue this masquerade

Holding it together 

When all I want to do is fall apart