A Heartfelt Poem – by the very talented John Coyote!~

Payment due my friend A Poem by Coyote Poetry Just words Payment due my friend I sat daily by the Lake St. Clair lake. I watched the boats go by and I wrote and read. I drank coffee and I fell into Jack London, Kosinski and the words of Donne. I always had my […]

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The Man Behind The Mask

Of all the monsters I’ve encountered

I never thought it would be you.

To take me so high into the sky,

Just to let go when I needed you the most.

To your kindness I was a fool,

For I never imagined,

I was not safe with you.

I thought I knew the man behind the mask,

The beautiful stranger underneath.

But now I see,

You meant the world to me,

And I,

I meant nothing to you.


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Silly Little Optimist

You silly little optimistic girl.

Did you really think it would be different?

No one will ever love you.

Not with their whole heart at least.

Perhaps the mystery in your eyes will lead them to ponder…

To wonder…

What it would be like…

To love you.

But as with everything, that will surely fade.

You were not meant to be loved my dear.

There is no peace for you here.

No happiness.

No joy.

Loneliness; the only thing that’s real.

So walk or better yet, run

Far away from it all.

Go dark

Go distant

They won’t notice

Here today, gone tomorrow


You never meant a thing to them.