Broken Shade of Blue

Once there was a boy who promised me the world.

And for a time, I thought those big brown eyes possessed the power to light up my soul.

But I was wrong.

He left me in the shadows, never looking back,

And for a moment, I was torn.

Barely stitched and slightly bruised, I moved forward.

Until I found myself tangled up with another.

A man with eyes the broken shade of blue.

And for a time, I could feel his affection,

Growing like a sickness under my skin.

My connection to him, like none I’d ever known.

And perhaps why, losing him was such a heavy blow.

To my ego…

His absence grew longer as the days grew cold.

Until being disregarded became normal.

And all expectations began to fade.

Just like the one before, reality had now overruled my emotions

I no longer craved his validation.

For I have been given the gift of knowledge,

That those with the best intentions are not always what they seem.

In the end, it is me that is still moving forward,

Me, that is moving on.

I am now the one, leaving something behind.