The glitter has all faded,

The will to fight has fled.

Laying in the darkness,

Wishing for the end.

Tired of pretending,

He didn’t break her heart.

His disregard,

So painful,

Only one choice remains,

To give up the fight.

Exhausted by these memories,

Swimming in her head.

Broken promises,

And the hope that someday,

She would be enough.

If not to him, to someone.

It’s just a flicker now…

That light dangling at the end of the tunnel.

For it once held the prospect of something better,

A reason to keep on fighting.

But now…

Now it is simply a reminder,

Of oh so many failed attempts.

To matter, just a little…

To be loved.


Courageously Broken

And suddenly, it was all clear.

This is dangerous…forbidden

Within the constructs of this world.

United, we are invincible.

Routine is the comfortable…the ordinary.

But we…we shake it up.

With fiercely ignited passion,

The kind…that just may save this life.

The only way to truly conquer the demon inside.

And for that, this universal force works diligently to keep us apart.

For we hold the potential for destruction.

Together we are reckless, the unstoppable change feared by the normal.

Un-empathetically driven.

Those with true purpose.

Humanity’s only hope for vindication.

We are the courageously broken; the dangerously intended.

The Taste of Being Human

Dripping lips of poison tattoo my skin, as they graze along the caverns of an old and weary heart.

Its walls encrusted with the agony of darkness, misery and despair.

Built from the bricks of tragedy, sealed with scars and pounded together by the bruises of the past.

Crumbling ever slightly, as anticipation…and…this warming sensation begin to make me quiver.

Oh how I love the shiver, the shudder, this glimmer…of hope.

A momentary lapse of apprehension that will surely desecrate me further, but I hold no regrets.

I have no desire for the antivenom.

For I wish to revel in the agony of this destruction.

To suffocate beneath the feelings of pleasure, surrender to these hands delicately tracing my skin.

The precious rarity of the undeniable chemistry between us awakens me.

In this fleeting bitter sweet rendezvous I no longer feel numb, no longer lay stagnant, no longer walk alone.

And for that, I shall sacrifice the light for even just a taste of being human.