Extraordinarily Unusual

There is something about this thunder that seems to rattle my bones.

Perhaps it is that I have always fantasized about kissing in the rain, under the stars, amidst the moonlight.

Goosebumps on my skin from the chill in the air

or it may be the way he grazes my cheek in warming embrace.

For a moment I am helpless, hopelessly falling…

His kiss electric, lightning to my core and then I hear the rumble…the thunder

Rising within us like an unstoppable flame.

Never to be extinguished, no matter how we fight.

There is power in the clouds above,

Where the darkness unites our souls.

It is a place only the strange can see.

An extraordinarily unusual rift in time,

When we are fully exposed and perfectly understood.

A rarity for the peculiar, this, not having to pretend…to feel.


Photo credit: Thingsboysdowelove


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