Mindful Surrender 

Bitter sweet deception consumes my mind.

As this fruit of hope dances on my tongue.

I’ve been here before.

Standing on the edge of this emotion.

Arms spread wide, eyes sealed tight,

And I tumbled.

Collapsing into an abyss of unrequited desire.

Left alone in the darkness.

Cold and defeated.

Reminded that perhaps, I was never meant to be loved.


And so, as the prospect of something magical returns, I hold myself away.

Trapped somewhere between love and fear.

It is a warm place, where the shadows keep my cravings for him at by.

As the scars on my heart advise me to stay.

And stay I shall.

Locked inside the prison of my own mind.

Conveniently disregarded.

Waiting…for someone

To fight for love.

Someone, for once

To fight…for me.


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