The quiet makes me quiver

As I slowly fade to dust

No one is listening

No one is here


Caught between a memory

And the hope for something more

Reaching out for comfort

Yet allusive in my words

If only

I possessed the courage to say

I need a friendly shoulder

Before I lose control

This world that I exist in

Is shaking at its core

And I

Just a lonely traveler

Stranded beyond the physical

And something in between

Broken language

Breeds bitter tears

As I surrender to the dark


Broken hearted

But wiser just the same

For I have had this feeling

Too many times before

So familiar

Like razors on my skin

And so

I disappear

Running from the prospect

Of another broken wing

4 thoughts on “Allusive

  1. I don’t know if beautiful would suit here or not, but to be honest I can understand all of it as if it is me myself just the fact is that I was never able express myself this much openly and clearly. Good work and keep writing such good poems.

    Liked by 1 person

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