There once was a girl who took on the world.

Her heart was full, her future bright.

Oh how I miss her,

And that glimmer in her eyes.

Ripped in two by more than a few.

Until all that remains is this mile wide ditch in her chest.

She is just a hollow shell now.

Unable to love, unable to care.

Numb to this existence.

Maybe the rest of life will be less painful,

Now that she has nothing more to give, nothing more to take.

Useless to those that wish to prey on the optimistic and the bold.

For he was the one to throw the last stone.

The one that shattered the only remaining piece of her heart.


Somewhat Wicked Life

These days, I find great comfort in being alone.

In a world filled with monsters,

It all seems such a pointless charade.

One I no longer desire to fight.

Not for anyone,

Not anymore.

I’ve no need for the notion,

That I’d ever be chosen.

For it will only end in pain.

And so, I find myself treasuring the dark,

This solitude, my security,

In this somewhat wicked story of my life.