About a Girl

Once upon a time there was a girl

A girl who dreamed of grandeur

A world beyond her circumstance

A place of peace and security

Absent of fear and doubt.

Filled with inspiration

Flowing with ideas

She wrote

And she wrote

And she wrote

Recording each delicious morsel

In anticipation for the next.

Notebook after notebook

Her words filled the pages

Until one day it was no longer enough

She wanted more

The urge to share her experiences with the world

So she started a blog

Hoping one day she may use these words to inspire

To encourage

To empower…

That day has finally come.

This once young and struggling writer, as of today, is now a published author.

Announcing the official release of….

Insane Roots – A Memoir: The Adventures of a Con-Artist and Her Daughter


In Stores Now!!!



A Season’s Change.

As the sun comes back around, my memories of him and I in summer begin to fade. As the season fills with new I find myself making my slow escape from the past.

I am feeling more free now, with every passing day.

Hope is no longer my muse, I am my own inspiration.

My almost lover, I bid you farewell.

As I shed this cloak of insecurity you affixed so firmly to my back, I am reminded of the person you failed to see.

Strong, confident and centered.

A place I can only be without you.

When winter falls I shall have come full circle, replacing every season of your memories with the seasons of change.

What a wonderful place this will be, to finally be over you.