One by one these days go by

Drawing us further and further

From the fire.

What was once so shiny and new

Is beginning to lose its luster.

Something so easy

Turned struggle  

By the mere mention of hope.

For happiness 

Must be for the delusional

And love is surely a scam.

Excuses for the weak 

The frightened 

And some day 

The justification 

For the lonely. 
Photo credit to Word Porn

The Last Tear I Cry

The last tear I cry for you will be today.

So long it has been since I felt the sting of your blade.

The twist of your knife

The disdain in your words.

Intuition told me long ago

That you were a wolf in sheep’s clothing

Wrong you are, they all said

Genuine, true and loving they claimed

For years thinking it was all in my head

But today…oh yes today…what a eye opening day it has been.

Usually I rather enjoy being right

However in this case I hoped so much to be wrong.

There is great sadness in my heart that you will never know me

You will never truly see me for who I really am

To you I will always be the confused little girl I was so long ago

And that is really a shame

For I have grown in ways you can never imagine

I took control of my life

Went after my dreams

Found myself

And vowed to never let anyone make me feel that small again

So why am I weeping then you ask?

I weep because I love you

I weep because I thought we were friends

I weep because I know in my heart that this is the end

Everyone has their limits and I just reached mine

Years ago we had a heart to heart

A moment in which we both bared all

Apologized for our misdoings, ill words and malintent towards one another that had carried on for far too long

It was the last time I saw you

So you must understand what a shock it was to hear the hurtful things that have been rolling off your tongue

At first I was angry

And then so very sad

I thought of calling you out

But then I remembered how very inferior  you have always made me feel

And I thought, why bother?

Is there any reason to waste anymore energy on someone who has very rarely made you feel anything except unworthy?

For me the answer is no

Not anymore

Not me

I will no longer be the victim of your charade in saving face with common friends

Nor will I shed another tear for the companion I thought you were

Our paths may cross again, but there is no need to pretend

I don’t need you to like me, love me or be my friend

Not anymore

Not me

Nor do I have any desire to force something that has so clearly never worked

I will always care about you and wish you nothing but happiness in your life

But as soon as I finish this sentence, I’m done.