Dreamers Prayer

As I lay myself to sleep

The silence of the dark wraps tightly around my skin

Alone in my bed 

Swimming in my own imagination 

A fairytale of memories

Written with the deepest of regret

All feels lost, but perhaps it is not 

For all that could have been and all that has yet to come 

Can always be

If I only close my eyes


One by one these days go by

Drawing us further and further

From the fire.

What was once so shiny and new

Is beginning to lose its luster.

Something so easy

Turned struggle  

By the mere mention of hope.

For happiness 

Must be for the delusional

And love is surely a scam.

Excuses for the weak 

The frightened 

And some day 

The justification 

For the lonely. 
Photo credit to Word Porn