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Photo credit to The Mind Unleashed – Thank you!


Morning Poetry

In the early hours of morning

When the dew dangles on the grass

And nature just begins to wake

I am at peace

The air is thickened with quiet

And my brain has barely stirred

Thrills of unknown excitement lay before me

As I open myself up to the day

No expectation

Only the full embrace of its conception

There is great power here

The power of now

The ability to appreciate

Not just the day

But each and every moment

For you never know

Which of those moments may change your life 

Be a Fool

Walk a little faster

Scream a little louder

Don’t be afraid to be a fool

Fools are much wiser and braver than most


Because they dare to try

They have the courage to be “weird”

To stand out in the crowd

To share their inner goof with the world around them



but above all…



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