Poisoned by time

Or lack there of

Always running

Never resting



And breath

refreshing the mind

reopening the heart

This life can wait

For you to be ready


You are in control


Morning Poetry

In the early hours of morning

When the dew dangles on the grass

And nature just begins to wake

I am at peace

The air is thickened with quiet

And my brain has barely stirred

Thrills of unknown excitement lay before me

As I open myself up to the day

No expectation

Only the full embrace of its conception

There is great power here

The power of now

The ability to appreciate

Not just the day

But each and every moment

For you never know

Which of those moments may change your life 

Nobody is Perfect

It amazes me how much time people waste complaining and gossiping about other people…Doesn’t seem very productive or kind in my personal opinion, but then again I can’t say I’ve never done it. Just happy I am more aware of its negative aspects now and the effect it can have on those around me. Every day I strive to be more aware of my actions. 

Seeing my faults in others, helps in my journey to be a better person 🙂 

About a Girl

Once upon a time there was a girl

A girl who dreamed of grandeur

A world beyond her circumstance

A place of peace and security

Absent of fear and doubt.

Filled with inspiration

Flowing with ideas

She wrote

And she wrote

And she wrote

Recording each delicious morsel

In anticipation for the next.

Notebook after notebook

Her words filled the pages

Until one day it was no longer enough

She wanted more

The urge to share her experiences with the world

So she started a blog

Hoping one day she may use these words to inspire

To encourage

To empower…

That day has finally come.

This once young and struggling writer, as of today, is now a published author.

Announcing the official release of….

Insane Roots – A Memoir: The Adventures of a Con-Artist and Her Daughter


In Stores Now!!!