Random Rudeness

There is nothing that irritates me more than random rudeness!! Whether it be someone on the street that you accidentally run in to and they freak out on you regardless of your apology for what was obviously a mistake or the person in the office who finds it necessary to snark at you for no particular reason at all. Seriously people lighten up a little. None of us will get  out of here alive and there is no reason to be a raging C U Next Tuesday kind of person in the meantime!!!

I am so tired of people with such a sense of entitlement that they are unable to appreciate the ‘little’ people for lack of a better word. We have feelings too and our lives matter just as much as yours do, maybe more in fact, since we can find joy in the small things in life!

To anyone who has experienced random rudeness as I just did from some stuck up woman who has no idea who I am and therefore has no right to treat me ill, shake it off and try to move on today. I will not let her take my joy away. Sure it pissed me off or I wouldn’t be venting to you now, but once this post is done, I will move on.

My frustration shall turn in to pity, for it is sad when someone is so miserable in their own life that they are completely unable to feel joy for anyone else. Every accomplishment made by someone else is to them a chance to succeed that they missed out on. It is impossible for them to be happy for anyone else because they are too busy judging others and envying them for stealing their glory. We all know the type. when you really stop to think about it, it is a very sad existence and I pity them. Life is sure to lead to dissatisfaction in the end if you are unable to share the spotlight with anyone else.

Whew, that feels better! Thanks for listening!