The Taste of Being Human

Dripping lips of poison tattoo my skin, as they graze along the caverns of an old and weary heart.

Its walls encrusted with the agony of darkness, misery and despair.

Built from the bricks of tragedy, sealed with scars and pounded together by the bruises of the past.

Crumbling ever slightly, as anticipation…and…this warming sensation begin to make me quiver.

Oh how I love the shiver, the shudder, this glimmer…of hope.

A momentary lapse of apprehension that will surely desecrate me further, but I hold no regrets.

I have no desire for the antivenom.

For I wish to revel in the agony of this destruction.

To suffocate beneath the feelings of pleasure, surrender to these hands delicately tracing my skin.

The precious rarity of the undeniable chemistry between us awakens me.

In this fleeting bitter sweet rendezvous I no longer feel numb, no longer lay stagnant, no longer walk alone.

And for that, I shall sacrifice the light for even just a taste of being human.




Broken Shade of Blue

Once there was a boy who promised me the world.

And for a time, I thought those big brown eyes possessed the power to light up my soul.

But I was wrong.

He left me in the shadows, never looking back,

And for a moment, I was torn.

Barely stitched and slightly bruised, I moved forward.

Until I found myself tangled up with another.

A man with eyes the broken shade of blue.

And for a time, I could feel his affection,

Growing like a sickness under my skin.

My connection to him, like none I’d ever known.

And perhaps why, losing him was such a heavy blow.

To my ego…

His absence grew longer as the days grew cold.

Until being disregarded became normal.

And all expectations began to fade.

Just like the one before, reality had now overruled my emotions

I no longer craved his validation.

For I have been given the gift of knowledge,

That those with the best intentions are not always what they seem.

In the end, it is me that is still moving forward,

Me, that is moving on.

I am now the one, leaving something behind.




Collateral Damage

Callus was the heart of the man she tried to love.

Careless, the mind of a friend she tried to understand.

Broken was her spirit, the day he slipped away.

Not for the pain of losing love, but rather the reality that it was never really there.

Those neat little words, dripping ever so delicately from his tongue.

As the desire for truth overshadows its nonexistence.

Their many moments together, when the world would seem to fade away.

Are now just memories, she longs to forget.

The connection between them that she once felt was unmistakable,

She suddenly realized, was all in her head.

Perhaps foolishly, she thought their history meant something,

That she meant something, to him.

But now that time has passed and reflection taken hold,

All hope for him has faded into dust.

Those arms that once held comfort,

Hold nothing more than disappointment now.

And the piercing reminder, that he never really cared.

Not really, not for her.

It is all much clearer now.

She was merely a convenient relief for him, after a time of heartbreak and loss.

A familiar pleasure to pass the time.

Nothing more, than collateral damage, in his search for something better.

Book Signing – 3/3/18 Madison, WI

Super excited to be doing another book signing and this time with two amazing women, Julie Wood & Susan Young!

Book Signing

Julie Wood is an author, teacher and national presenter on youth entrepreneurship. She has presented on entrepreneurship education, youth entrepreneurship, business operations, productivity and technology at local, regional and national conferences including: National Association of Small Business Development Centers, Chamber of Commerce events, Midwest Entrepreneurship Conference, WI State Training Conference, WI Transition Improvement Grant Conference. She has been hired to teach youth entrepreneur camps for kids ages 9-15 and has trained numerous teachers in basic entrepreneurship skills and the Biz Ops Game.

Susan Young runs the speaking and training company, Susan Young International. She works with people who want to harness the power of change to improve positivity, engagement, and communication.

And well, you all know me 🙂 – Tiffany Rochelle (- Bybee)

Thank you all for your support, it means the world to me. If you are in the Madison area, I hope to see you there!

A Heartfelt Poem – by the very talented John Coyote!~

Payment due my friend A Poem by Coyote Poetry Just words Payment due my friend I sat daily by the Lake St. Clair lake. I watched the boats go by and I wrote and read. I drank coffee and I fell into Jack London, Kosinski and the words of Donne. I always had my […]

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The Man Behind The Mask

Of all the monsters I’ve encountered

I never thought it would be you.

To take me so high into the sky,

Just to let go when I needed you the most.

To your kindness I was a fool,

For I never imagined,

I was not safe with you.

I thought I knew the man behind the mask,

The beautiful stranger underneath.

But now I see,

You meant the world to me,

And I,

I meant nothing to you.


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