To Be Unbroken

I wonder sometimes…what it would be like.

To wake each day…without the darkness,

Casting shadows on the light.

To feel safe,

For more than just a moment.

To be unbroken,

And not just for pretend.

That’s the thing about depression…

Even on the brightest of days,

There will always be a cloud… a storm,

Hovering above.

Waiting at the ready to unleash its wrath.

And each day,

We fight.

We overcome.

In the hopes that someday,

We will find our place in the sun.

A Never Ending Journey

Lost within a moment…

Broken are these thoughts.

There seems to be a stranger in my head these days.

With the striking resemblance to the girl I was long ago.

Crushing the assurance of yesterday.

Casting shadows on the truth.

It is the over thinker.

The second guesser.

The frightened.

I’ve battled these demons before…

The unknowing,

The insecure.

The doubt.

I turned away once before.

And so I shall again.

To overcome triumphant.


And self assured.

Oh what a never ending journey…

These challenges,

This life.


There once was a girl who took on the world.

Her heart was full, her future bright.

Oh how I miss her,

And that glimmer in her eyes.

Ripped in two by more than a few.

Until all that remains is this mile wide ditch in her chest.

She is just a hollow shell now.

Unable to love, unable to care.

Numb to this existence.

Maybe the rest of life will be less painful,

Now that she has nothing more to give, nothing more to take.

Useless to those that wish to prey on the optimistic and the bold.

For he was the one to throw the last stone.

The one that shattered the only remaining piece of her heart.


Somewhat Wicked Life

These days, I find great comfort in being alone.

In a world filled with monsters,

It all seems such a pointless charade.

One I no longer desire to fight.

Not for anyone,

Not anymore.

I’ve no need for the notion,

That I’d ever be chosen.

For it will only end in pain.

And so, I find myself treasuring the dark,

This solitude, my security,

In this somewhat wicked story of my life.

Happy Birthday

Today is a day much like any other

To everyone else that is.

For me today has much potential for joy

But I must first navigate through the emotional baggage attached to its creation.

I awake feeling saddened, disappointed and as I always do on this day…missing something.

A love that will never come, a mother who left me behind and the worthiness I feel on any other day.

And so I spiral

Just for a moment

Holding the hand of Reznor

As I recall all that could have been

And something I will never have.

Feeling quite the wretched


But I do not want this.

And so once I hit the bottom,

I will slowly wash it all away.

Inevitable Defeat

I can feel it taking over

The sadness

These all too familiar

Feelings of defeat.

And I know what happens next

For I have been here too many times before.

The pain will grow to anger

From feeling like a fool

My heart will turn to stone

And my love for you will be nothing but scars.

I will turn from you

I will run

For those eyes that once warmed my soul

Will hold only the reminder

That you lied.

You never meant it

You never felt it

And even though you said it

In the end

None of it was true.