He’s Fading

There was a time not long ago when he was all that filled my thoughts.

He held my world in the palm of his hands and gripped it so tightly.

He’s fading.

I saw no future in which he did not exist.

I thought of him often with feelings of disdain and regret.

He’s fading.

A man who was once so prevalent in my life has moved on without me.

It used to hurt so much more than this.

The songs we once sang together drove a dagger through my heart and the prospect of life with out him was unnerving.

No longer.

He could never see all the potential in me.

He played me like a fiddle until every string had snapped and I was nothing but a shell of an instrument that once played such beautiful music.

He left me broken, baffled and bruised.

No longer.

Today, I danced in his memory and rejoiced in the lesson learned.

I thought of him without the old feelings of disdain and regret.

Instead, I find myself filled with forgiveness and absolution.

I treasure the joys that we shared and said goodbye to the discontent.

I am finally free, he’s fading…