Somewhat Wicked Life

These days, I find great comfort in being alone.

In a world filled with monsters,

It all seems such a pointless charade.

One I no longer desire to fight.

Not for anyone,

Not anymore.

I’ve no need for the notion,

That I’d ever be chosen.

For it will only end in pain.

And so, I find myself treasuring the dark,

This solitude, my security,

In this somewhat wicked story of my life.


Anger and Pain

Soon this will be over

This now… a moment in the past.

Those hurtful words that cut so deep

Their painful dripping down my cheeks

The Darkness.

So little light…

In times like these.

Serious thoughts weigh heavy on my mind

As thick black hate courses through my veins

Slowly the anger subsides

And I am left here

Feeling weak

Such Defeat…

In times like these.

Searching for strength in solitude

For soon it will all be over

This now…a moment of the past

This present…a fading memory

Melancholy Snowfall

I am somber today.

Feeling grim and wistful towards the path that lies ahead.

As the melancholy snow races to the ground outside my window, I am reminded of the past.

It’s spring now and winter should be behind us.

Apparently mother nature has another plan in mind.

Mournful for the sun, I do my best to shake off the sorrow and look towards the light.

Its’ faint glimmer in the distance flickers once to assure me of it’s existence.

I reach for it.

Only to be drenched in regret.

Sopping and soaked, I weep.

I must be strong now. I must have faith.

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