Dreamers Prayer

As I lay myself to sleep

The silence of the dark wraps tightly around my skin

Alone in my bed 

Swimming in my own imagination 

A fairytale of memories

Written with the deepest of regret

All feels lost, but perhaps it is not 

For all that could have been and all that has yet to come 

Can always be

If I only close my eyes



Poisoned by time

Or lack there of

Always running

Never resting



And breath

refreshing the mind

reopening the heart

This life can wait

For you to be ready


You are in control


Let Me In Love

I have never been with anyone I could not forget.

It’s not butterflies, but it’s honest.

So you can imagine my surprise when one certain person refused to leave my mind.

Outside of expectation, without explanation… I just love you…just for being you.

So raw so beautiful, completely purely you.

I didn’t know what hit me

All of the sudden there was you

Holding all of my heart

Seeing me for all that I am

And loving me just the same

They said you would come

But I never believed I would find you

Yet here you are

In the most horrific of timing

our lives racing against one another

each grasping for  a much different goal.

I wish you could only understand just how much I love you

For all that you are

And loving you just the same

Fate brought us together

Let us not allow fear to hold us back

I know in my heart you are my love

Nothing could be any clearer

Let me love me love you

My love

Let me hold you

My love

Sweet love

Let me in



What Would it Feel Like to Have All You’ve Ever Wanted?

I stood there starring through the glass as I felt his arms wrap slowly around my waist

Gazing out upon this life we built together

This was the moment I had waited for all my life

This is when I knew I truly had all I’ve ever wanted

Image courtesy of Arztsamui at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

About a Girl

Once upon a time there was a girl

A girl who dreamed of grandeur

A world beyond her circumstance

A place of peace and security

Absent of fear and doubt.

Filled with inspiration

Flowing with ideas

She wrote

And she wrote

And she wrote

Recording each delicious morsel

In anticipation for the next.

Notebook after notebook

Her words filled the pages

Until one day it was no longer enough

She wanted more

The urge to share her experiences with the world

So she started a blog

Hoping one day she may use these words to inspire

To encourage

To empower…

That day has finally come.

This once young and struggling writer, as of today, is now a published author.

Announcing the official release of….

Insane Roots – A Memoir: The Adventures of a Con-Artist and Her Daughter


In Stores Now!!!



Insane Roots – A Memoir: The Adventures of a Con-Artist and Her Daughter Ready for Printing!!

I am so excited, I had to share! I just submitted the final approval of the cover wrap for Insane Roots! The book will hit shelves February 2, 2016 🙂


We are still working on raising money for the purchase of copies to be sold during the book tour (25% of which will be donated to charity). If you are able to donate even a $1.00, it would be such a huge help in reaching our goal!

Check out the crowdfunding campaign here:  http://kck.st/1hXEOrH

Thanks so much for your support! This is a dream come true and would not be possible without all of you 🙂

A Moment of Inspiration

Sitting alone in my corner, I watch as the hustle and bustle of city life marches on around me.

The purposeful actions of others make me nervous as I journey within myself to find my true calling.

I am not one of them. I am not satisfied with the ordinary.

I do not fault their contentment, if anything I envy it.

If only I were to be so easily fulfilled. I am not.

Instead, I strive for the spectacular, the uplifting.

I wish to be inspired!

Each day is bitter-sweet with potential and the lingering reality that the sand is slowly filling the bottom of the hour-glass.

I am running out of time for greatness.

The promise of tomorrow lies in uncertainty, as I try to make the most of every moment.