A Collective Request

As a writer, I must solute the composers of Jake Bohm’s (played by actor David Mazouz) monologues  in the television series, Touch (2012-2013).

This was a series I was very sad to see come to such a short end, but it’s gems like the one below that I will always remember. I had to share 🙂 

“During cataclysmic global events, our collective consciousness synchronizes.

So do the numeric sequences created by random number generators.

Science can’t explain the phenomenon.

But Religion does

It’s called prayer

A collective request

Sent in unison

A Shared hope

Fear relieved

A life spared

Numbers are constant

Until there not

In times of tragedy

Times of collective joy

In these brief moments

It is only the shared emotional experience

That makes the world seem less random”

Touch (TV Series 2012-2013)

Season 1, Episode 7: Noosphere Rising

No Regrets

I may not be perfect, but perfection is not what I am searching for.

I may not be the person you built me up to be in your mind, but that’s on you for giving me more credit than I deserve.

At least I was true. Were you?

Where do we go from here?

What do we do with this?

This choice is not mine, but yours.

I reside with no expectations

No assumptions

And no regrets.

What’s Your Story?

Faintly in the distance, I can see a glimmer of hope.

A glimmer of love and security in this crazy world.

Crowded by doubt and needful resolution, it struggles to come to surface.

Brighter days lie ahead, but we must have faith in their existence.

Through dark clouds and sorrow, comes wisdom and strength.

Strength to keep on fighting and wisdom to learn from our pain.

In life we lead a story.

Whether it be a tragedy, a drama or a comedy is only for us to decide.

What’s your story?

In Moments Like These…

I want so badly to break down and cry, but I know I need to be strong.

I want so badly to be angry, but I know I need to forgive.

I want so badly to run away from the world and never look back, but there’s no joy in that.

I want so badly to hate you, but I don’t.

Instead, I will stand up tall as I gaze upon the flames of the bridge you left behind.

As proud as a hero preparing for battle, I will look forward to this future still knocking at my door.

I tell myself I am powerful. I tell myself I am tough .

I remind myself that this too shall pass.

I will be strong.

I will forgive.

I will not run away and I will not cower.

Image courtesy of twobee at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Melancholy Snowfall

I am somber today.

Feeling grim and wistful towards the path that lies ahead.

As the melancholy snow races to the ground outside my window, I am reminded of the past.

It’s spring now and winter should be behind us.

Apparently mother nature has another plan in mind.

Mournful for the sun, I do my best to shake off the sorrow and look towards the light.

Its’ faint glimmer in the distance flickers once to assure me of it’s existence.

I reach for it.

Only to be drenched in regret.

Sopping and soaked, I weep.

I must be strong now. I must have faith.

Image courtesy of nuttakit at FreeDigitalPhotos.net